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Whatever your arrangement, a company celebration, a birthday party for little Johnny, a summer fete, an opening of a new shop or product at the local shopping centre and not forgetting those 60 year old birthday parties, Clown Jo Jo is sure to keep your guests laughing and entertained.
Weather you want a full stage show or something to fit in the living room, or simply walking around mixing with your guests, Clown Jo Jo has plenty of experience and tricks up his sleeve.
Balloon animals, Close-up Magic and most importantly the desire to play and have fun (clowning), are the things that make him tick.
 Ring or send a mail to Jo Jo, today and tell him what you want. Don't wait until Christmas.

Contact: John Newman    Tlf/Fax: 62 21 93 01    Mobil: 40 17 87 27    E-mail: info@clownjojo.dk
Design: www.patel.dk
Teknik: bodeval.dk